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Transfection Reagents

Low Toxicity, Simple Procedure and Low Cost 

"High-Efficiency-Transfection Reagent"

GeneTranTM is a Polylipid-based reagent designed and formulated with proprietary technology for transfecting DNA or siRNA into a variety of eukaryotic cell lines, including HEK293, CHO, COS, NIH3T3, MCF-7, PC12, RKO, C2C12 myoblasts, mouse embryonic stem cells (ES) and fibroblasts (MEF), mesenchymal stem cells, NCCIT, S2 (Schneider) Drosophila cells as well as primary cultures of human carcinoma, rat adrenal chromaffin cells, mouse and rat cortical neurons, hepatocytes, and etc.  GeneTranTM also offers extremely high transfection efficiencies and minimal cytotoxicity for suspension cultures including HEK 293, mouse lymphocytes, and insect cells (sf9, sf21, High-Five). The reagent works very well in cultures with serum concentration range from 0 to 20% FBS.

Transfection reagents