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(858) 597-0602 or toll free (866) 668-1698

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Protein Service

 Why choose Biomiga for your custom protein production needs?

  • Experienced team with successful custom protein expression and purification of >100 proteins, including difficult to express and/or purify proteins.
  • Customers include some of the largest pharmaceutical companies.
  • One stop service from gene synthesis, protein expression, to protein purification.
  • Multiple expression system available: bacteria, insect (baculovirus), mammalian (293F, Expi293F, CHO) expression systems.
  • Scalable service from 1L (shaker flasks) to 20L (Bioreactor).
  • State-of-the-art AKTA for protein purification.
  • Competitive price and fast turn around.
  • Performance site: San Diego, CA facility